Starboard Card Proudly Sponsors Lucy Hodges MBE for the 2022 RS Venture Connect World Championships

Starboard Card is thrilled to sponsor Lucy Hodges MBE in the prestigious 2022 RS Venture Connect World Championships. Lucy, a world champion sailor with numerous gold medals to her name, serves as a mentor and a distinguished ambassador for disability sports.

Lucy was born with photophobia nystagmus, a condition that creates excessive sensitivity to light, and has been registered as blind since 1997. However, Lucy’s visual impairment has never deterred her from relentlessly pursuing her dreams.

Lucy discovered her passion for sailing at the age of 17. During her first trip out on the water with her uncle, a commercial captain, she was captivated and immediately hooked. Her passion translated into an extraordinary sporting career. She triumphed in the Blind Sailing World Championships in Japan in 2013, securing a gold medal and earning an MBE for her dedication to the sport and outstanding accomplishments. Lucy’s success didn’t stop there; she has also won numerous gold medals in the Racing World Championships and World Blind Fleet Racing Championships.

Today, Lucy is recognized as one of the most successful blind sailors in the world. We, at Starboard Card, are honoured to support her in her quest for a medal at the 2022 RS Venture Connect World Championships.