The Team Behind The Tech: Boat International takes a look at what makes Starboard different

As the yachting industry enters an increasingly digital era, Boat International’s Hannah Rankine takes a look at what makes Starboard stand out.

Starboard is a triad of essential components:

  • Premium debit cards with exclusive advantages
  • Dynamic accounts in multiple currencies
  • Tailored, yachting-specific accountancy software

But, Hannah points out that it’s the team and their ability to bring industry firsts to yachting that really make the product stand out:

“What’s especially noteworthy about Starboard Card’s offering is the fusion of its industry-first debit card system with yachting-attuned banking architecture. This distinct innovation comes from the team’s insights into both yachting and finance.”

A superyacht cruising with a laptop shown in the image displaying the Starboard Card platform

“While its trio of services and partnership with Visa undoubtedly play a pivotal role in its emerging market presence, the nurturing company culture and the astute decision to hire individuals from within the yachting sector fuel Starboard Card’s innovative spirit."

“Recognising the vast reservoir of first-hand experience that crew can bring isn’t a novel concept in the yachting world. Many companies have seen the benefits of moving experienced crew to shoreside positions. But, in the realms of tech and fintech, this is groundbreaking.”

From left to right: Chief of Design, Jon, Chief of Personnel, Sophie, and Mark Commodore of Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club & Trustee of The Andrew Cassell Foundation out on the water together.

“As more digital solutions emerge in a world where technology often feels impersonal and detached, Starboard Card’s commitment to blending cutting-edge fintech with the heart and soul of the yachting community stands as a testament to the idea that it’s the human touch in tech that truly sets a company apart.”

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