Starboard Card's Hands-On Contribution to Marine Conservation: Supporting the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy

In a world where environmental awareness is no longer just a choice but a necessity, Starboard Card is proud to announce its latest endeavour in marine conservation. We are proud supporters of the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy (EMC) in Antigua, a leading nonprofit organisation dedicated to marine restoration and conservation work. This hands-on collaboration aims to make a real difference in the marine environment whilst championing the EMC within the yachting community.

Shannon Costelloe, EMC Diver and Communications Officer, Jon Slator, Chief Product Officer at Starboard Card, and Monique Bigler, EMC Diver and Research Assistant before their dive.

Understanding EMC’s Vital Work in Coral Reef Restoration

EMC’s mission is to enhance the resilience and local stewardship of Antigua’s marine ecosystems through restoration, collaborative management, and conservation. The EMC plays a crucial role in the local marine ecosystem, focusing on restoring coral reefs, a critical marine habitat that has degraded significantly over the past few decades. Their work involves nurturing corals in underwater nurseries and then transplanting them back onto the degraded reef bed. This process is not without its challenges. As explained by an EMC spokesperson in a recent interview, these nurseries require regular maintenance to ensure the young corals can grow unimpeded by algae, sponges, or other competing organisms.

A Dive into Action: Jon Slator’s Volunteering Experience

Jon Slator, Chief Product Officer at Starboard Card, volunteering at the coral nursery.

Starboard Card’s Chief Product Officer, Jon Slator, took a proactive step by volunteering with the EMC team. He recently participated in a dive near Green Island, where he assisted in cleaning the coral nurseries – a vital part of the EMC’s efforts. Jon’s experience highlights the importance of not just financial support but also physical and active involvement in such initiatives.

Jon shares, “Getting involved with the EMC was an eye-opening experience. It wasn’t just about supporting them financially but actually being there, understanding the processes, and contributing physically to their crucial work. It’s about making a tangible difference and being a part of the solution.”

Beyond Support: A Commitment to Marine Conservation

Jon Slator out with the EMC onboard their dive boat.

This collaboration with EMC is not just a one-off event for Starboard Card. It symbolises our commitment to being active participants in marine conservation. We believe in understanding and contributing to the causes we support, ensuring that our efforts are meaningful and impactful. This hands-on approach allows us to act as ambassadors for EMC within the wider yachting industry, spreading awareness and encouraging more active participation in marine conservation efforts.

EMC Logo

Join Us in Making a Difference

The journey doesn’t end here. We invite our community to join us in supporting these vital conservation efforts. Together, we can make a real difference in preserving our marine ecosystems for future generations.

To learn more about EMC, please visit or follow them on Instagram / Facebook.